Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Much Is Your Privacy Worth?

It's a new age of fading Internet privacy where your personal information has become a commodity rather than just yours. So how much would you pay to keep your personal information private and away from the hands of online marketing companies? Or better yet how much money would it take for you to sell your personal information to those same companies? Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ryan Radia explains how it works.


  1. How much is censorship worth? Enough to sell-out your ideals? Apparently...

    I knew you were a spineless pretender.

  2. Asking you not to use abusive language against others who contribute and comment here is not censorship. And if I was truly spineless Bret, you'd still be a contributor here.

    I'm not mad at you, just sorry that you can't control your anger. I wish I could continue to have you write posts here, because I like having a bit of a different point of view (and as I've indicated in the past, we agree on much), but you really gave me no choice.

  3. There's a difference between being angry and being mean. You guys aren't worth anger anymore. I can be mean with a smile on my face.

  4. [Also, if you "had no choice" but to cut me as a contributor, then I certainly had no choice but to take the gloves off and engage you guys on the level of discourse I generally receive. But hey, it's not like you guys believe in self-defense as a basic right or that people should be allowed to say whatever they want. And I know you guys would never do something like defend the violent language of political discourse after I pointed out how violent it was months ago...]

  5. Why be so mean when it doesn't help your cause? I don't mean you have to be all sweet and nice to everybody, either. There is a balance, and you just go way too far to one side too often. But it seems like you made a decision to just go over the edge or something, ever since you said you were tired of being the "polite liberal".

  6. There's no sense in being balanced when my extremism is the only thing balancing out extremism in another direction. I did make a very conscious and calculated decision to just unleash my inner jackass, and it's been a blast.

    And you know nothing of my cause. My only goal is to bring stress and anger to people who have tried to do the same to me. If you want to disarm a man who is being shot at, that's your choice. If you want me to disarm myself, try asking others to do what what you seem to have demanded from me.

    Of course... with a lineup of like-minded contributors, maybe you just won't have any problem... or real discussion. But maybe that's what you guys want, just a lot of back slapping and approving nods.

    I used to think there was something to the idea of "rising above" things, or that I wouldn't "lower myself" to the level of others... but you guys have shown me the light. For that, you guys have taught me an eternal lesson I may have never known had I surrounded myself with similar-thinking people. So for that, I am eternally grateful.

    Everything else has served as a marvelous guide to what I will never believe. But whenever I call someone a retard... I'll think of you guys.


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