Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bill Buppert on Homeschooling

There are many reasons people choose to home-school that run the gamut of the political spectrum from the Left to Right. I would daresay that most homeschoolers are Christian. I suspect that far more people homeschool and hail from a right leaning perspective. We are in the minority as secular homeschoolers who teach from a curriculum of traditional canons in whole texts and mastery of Latin. We are in an even smaller minority in that we are not neoconservative Republicans cheering on the crusade to make war on the world to make it safe for whatever we have in store for it as a country.

As a family, we don’t seek to replicate government school at home but use the advantage of one on one tutorship to advance learning and make the children more self taught and able to master their own compass in where they want to be in their school career. While we are sympathetic to certain aspects of unschooling, we remain completely unconvinced that children are competent and capable to know what life skills and learning they require to become free moral agents in adulthood able to captain their own destinies.

While I would certainly characterize our family as philosophically anarchist, we cast a skeptical eye at those libertarians who consider parenthood a form of child abuse and that all childrens’ rights should match those of seasoned adults. Any responsible parent knows this is a flirtation with disaster.

I don't know if I agree with everything in the above paragraphs, but to read the rest, go here: Homeschooling For Freedom.

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