Monday, March 7, 2011

Al Jazeera Social Networking Talk Show

Are dictatorships finished in the age of the Internet? The spread of ideas and information can no longer be stopped (or not easily, anyway) and states everywhere should tremble in fear, even so-called "democratic" states should be concerned, as more and more people come to see them for what they really are with their masks off - tools of an elite ruling class that oppresses the masses and expands the state for the purpose of rewarding the capitalist oligarchy. May the revolution continue!

As the Arab world reels with revolutions fomented in part online, Al Jazeera English is planning a new talk show that has social networking at its heart.

It’s just lucky timing, says Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, the voluble young producer and co-host of the show, called “The Stream,” which is scheduled to appear on the English language version of Al Jazeera starting in May. The video above is a teaser for the show, which has been in the works since late last year. But as Africa and the Middle East see revolutions organized in part via Facebook (and dating sites) and publicized via Twitter and YouTube, the concept looks prescient.-Al Jazeera English Plans Show Centered on Social Networking

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