Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who likes Obama?

Who approves of the disastrous job Obama is doing? Here are the numbers broken down by various segments of the population. Not surprising that Democrats approve by 79%, but look at the number for independents: 40%!

Also, blacks approve at 91%. Of course, it's only whites who oppose The Messiah who are ever motivated by race, right? Now, it's true that blacks are always overwhelmingly supportive of the Democrats, but their percentage of support for Obama is far higher than even the average Democrat. And of course, those who are poor (and blacks as a group are far poorer economically than the general population) are being hurt hardest by Obama's misguided policies. Why then the huge approval by blacks for this incompetent (by ordinary measurements he is totally unqualified to be even the local dog catcher, but as an expander of the state on behalf of the ruling elite-which does not include the vast majority of African Americans-he is doing a fine job) president? Well, he is black, ain't he? This is why universal suffrage was a mistake. People in general (not just blacks) throw their support to politicians for all the wrong reasons. In fact, there is no reason behind most of the votes cast in any election.

Democracy has failed. Almost any system, except a totalitarian police state (and we're heading closer to that every day), would serve the cause of liberty better than what we have now.


  1. I keep wondering the same thing myself.

    And having talked to a few black acquaintances, I see the look of desperation in their eyes also. And they are not happy about what has happened under him either (believe it or not), but where do we go from here?

    We are sooooooooooo screwed.

    Thanks for the info!


    Who approves of the disastrous job Obama is doing?

  2. This is why universal suffrage was a mistake.

    *face palm*

  3. I thought you said time and again we already live in a police state...

    It gets harder and harder to take this doomsayer's warning seriously as the days go on. It makes me want to...


  4. Bret, try to read a little more carefully. There is a dffference between a police state and a totalitarian police state. I don't throw extra words in for no reason.

  5. Here is a shocker

    I like Obama, I would likely have a great time talking over a good coffee with the man, he seems charming and well spoken, what can I say I like a good conversation. His predecessor on the other hand was a retarded moron Bush the stupid couldn't hold a good conversation that did not include sports or the weather.

    None of that translates into even the slightest bit of approval, but I also am not stupid enough to "blame" Obama he just like Bush the stupid are simply puppets for the TV cameras, they have no say in the direction of the government they are only taking orders - there is a bit of cowardice involved in that rather do the right thing they follow the masters guidance but I would guarantee that they are in fear for their lives at all times.

  6. Bret posted

    "This is why universal suffrage was a mistake. *face palm*"

    Why? is the general public with an IQ under 120 able to make good choices?

    Where is the proof that it works and is not in fact a tool for the oligarchy to convince the livestock that the slavery is actually freedom?

    And you are the one constantly berating the "stupid" or is that just the "other team's stupid" that bothers you?

  7. Why? is the general public with an IQ under 120 able to make good choices?

    True, but half the population still has above average intelligence. True fact.

    And you are the one constantly berating the "stupid" or is that just the "other team's stupid" that bothers you?

    Not that I consider myself a liberal, but I have been told I would be seated on the left side of the Estates of France. So if you mean, do I ever criticize liberals... have you read my posts? Like... ever? I mean, I make mock and deride Democrats and Republicans, so if you have a major hard-on for the right, maybe it seems like I love Democrats and I am blind to their gross incompetence.

    Let me try to explain it with an aphorism of mine: The only thing I hate more than a Democrat is a Republican.

    Since I’ve never voted for a Democrat, maybe you could step back and reassess your ad hominem attack on the stereotypical construct you have decided is in fact me and check out some of the flowery words I wrote in their actual intent.

  8. Bret do you actually understand what an "ad hominem attack" is? Not just the Wiki definition but the actual working of that specific logical fallacy.

    It is based on CONTENT if I say you point of view is invalid because you are a jerk/criminal/rapist/wife beater or other, that is working mechanics of that fallacy.

    If I tell you your point has a flaw because of "x" and your presentation make you sound like a jerk - that is NOT a logical fallacy.

    You are making an assumption that I am arguing from the "right" or that I am critiquing you for your "leftism" NO I criticize you for your elitism, you constant use of "fallacy of origin" and your reactionary statism.

    You misunderstand what I may think you "are" - I think you are a human of at least above average intelligence, likely at least partly educated, you seem to have a progressive chip on your shoulder but you sneer at them also. You post and write like an elitist college puke but I get the feeling your not from a rich family, from your hatred of some groups I guess that is a high-upper-middle-class family. At least one of your parents is late baby-boom or even later, there is some resentment there so someone in you family was a workaholic and possibly low-intensity socially racist. No reason to continue to be condescending.

    "True, but half the population still has above average intelligence. True fact."

    The statistics on this don't actually work like that but I'll give you that just to proceed, so if the "average" is what has gotten us where we are now - how does that negate my point?

    The "average" American is easily manipulated by propaganda, more concerned with beer and football than history and economics and statistically likely to believe in a "sky daddy", couldn't find Iraq or Afghanistan on a globe, and does not even know what "fractional reserve banking" is...

    You are constantly berating the "stupid" that is a fact not an attack, I was just attempting to let you see how your posts come off to someone not inside your head...

  9. Bret, about the above average thing. Source? I would love to see one. Seriously.


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