Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Major California Unions Support Legalization Of Marijuana

Robert Bonner, statist scumbag and former DEA Administrator (in other words, a major criminal and taxpayer parasite) states that if California's proposition 19 (which essentially would legalize marijuana in the state) passes it would "violate the Supremacy Clause", and therefore it would "be void, it would be a nullity", though he doesn't say anything about the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution, or the limited powers of the Federal Government under the Constitution. In fact, California's medical marijuana law is already doing the same thing, thumbing its nose at the rotten to the core Feds. I would ask scumbag criminal Bonner, where in the Constitution did the Federal Government get the authority to enact the Controlled Substances Act in the first place?

Anyway, scumbag Bonner, it is an act of "nullification" all right. If the people of California do pass the measure (as polls suggest they will) let the showdown between common sense, state's rights and the will of the people versus the Criminal Obama Federal Tyranny begin!

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  1. What blows my mind is that the last time this issue went before the Supreme court in 2005 under the conservative court, they did not side with California's state right to treat cannabis as medicine.

    I guess you can add "states rights" to the list of things Republicans talk about but never do, alongside "fiscal responsibility" and "small government."

    What's really upsetting is that neither party has decided to take a side other than "Drugs are bad, mmkay?" It's only fringe elected ideologues in both the far right and far left like Paul and Kucinich that got it right. Funny... we always hear about how "the extremists" always have it wrong.


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