Friday, October 15, 2010

News and Notes: Blame the Weather

Good morning all! It's Nikk Jakson here, your humble blog host, inviting you to sit down with me for few moments while I bring you up to date on the goings on here at the Greatest Blog In The Universe (a Nikkname the blog acquired on December 18, 2008).

First, we never formally welcomed Radio Bloger to our team of contributors. Welcome Radio Bloger! Since Radio joined, Skeptical Eye has raised its Witch Persecution Threat Alert Level to orange (for High). We have a great team here, and Radio Bloger has made it even greater (and scared the hell out of us at the same time).

Bret "Ginx" Alan continues to be a major element of the New and Fantastically Improved SE, and we thank him for providing old Nikk's department at work with another sure winner in the annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest. My co-workers thank you, Ginx! While some loyal SE fans may not always be enthusiastic about Bret's state-loving posts, we know he makes us think...about that time we almost gave Blog of the Moment to Bill Gnade. Well, at least we avoided one terrible mistake. Seriously, Bret wouldn't be posting here at all if we didn't like what he has to contribute to the debate, and we still feel he makes Skeptical Eye a better blog.

Well, fall is here, and this holiday season we've got lots to bring you (although we advise holding off on any purchases at this time due to the depressed real estate market). However, we also have holiday posts a'coming, including, this month, our annual Halloween "poem". Last year, Don Emmerich called the Halloween poem "A fun pre-Halloween read", and although we detected a slight lack of enthusiasm in that endorsement, we were unprepared when Don pulled off his mask and revealed his true and horrifying self. Frankly, we're still shaking and trying to get rid of the nightmares of Don chasing us down and stabbing us repeatedly in the back. In fact, the nightmares are still coming, and in last night's dream, Liberty was at Don's side, screaming that Skeptical Eye was not worth following (probably true) and saying how she would however continue to follow neocon blogs that totally disagree with her "libertarian" views, while SE, which agrees with her point of view, deserved to be discarded and tossed into the garbage.

Anywho, it's getting into that time of year, when the leaves turn color and drop to the ground, creating more work for the landscapers. On a recent night we had a conversation with a co-worker, telling them we loved this time of year, with the holidays approaching and the temperatures cooling off. And just yesterday, in the wee hours, we heard the patter of rain outside the window. It was gone by sunrise, even though there was no sun, and when the clouds greeted us on our morning commute, we listened with sadness to the local weather report that informed us that the sky would clear up and it would be a very hot and sunny day. We felt bad about telling our neighbor that it looked like it would be gloomy all day long, until it was gloomy all day long, and then we felt much better about our forecast. The Sun never made an appearance; it was overcast the entire day, but we still feel that a degree in meteorology is a little better than training in palm and tea leaf reading. We also want to emphasize that even though we don't have a degree in weather prognostication, and we made a more accurate reading of the weather than the guy with all the education, we don't believe weather guys and gals are useless; after all, they are helping to keep the unemployment numbers down.

For those who leave comments here at the blog, you may have noticed that the option of leaving an anonymous comment has been removed. This is because of spammers. To leave a comment, you now have to be a registered user, if not with Google/Blogger, then with Wordpress, etc. The Blogger comment system leaves a lot to be desired, and it doesn't offer the option of banning someone from commenting, which is why some Blogger users have actually replaced Blogger's comments with another system (there are quite a few available). However, wishing to avoid that hassle while also ridding SE of the graffiti of DM, we were delighted to discover a solution over at Debunking Christianity. You can get the HTML code to add to your blog at the link in that post. DM's various Blogger profile accounts are already included as banned, but you can add others you wish to ban as well, as the need arises. Previously, our threats to ban spammers like DM were pretty empty, as we had no means to do so, except for deleting the spam posts, which would discourage a normal, sane spammer, but had no noticeable influence on DM's behavior. DM did find a way around even this new banning tool, however, by leaving his comments anonymously, so we have removed that choice for now. Hey, live with it people. And Steven, just sign up with Blogger if you want to comment. I don't know why that's so hard for some people. You can even block your profile, so no one can see any additional info about you (and the only information on a Blogger profile is what you choose to include anyway).

Well, boys and girls, that's all for today's monumental edition of News and Notes. I should add that I've got long, original, deep thought blog posts in the works that will blow Bret "Ginx" Alan's nonsense out of the water, but if I don't get to those soon, just blame the weatherman.

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