Friday, October 8, 2010

The delusion of religionists and intolerance of criticism

Simply shocking to see the politically correct atheists come to the defense of the delusion of Islam. I believe this is because of an imagined whiff of "racism" showing the hypersensitivity of the brainwashed masses trained to have their PC filter on "full-power" all the time.

Note the interesting point about the misuse of "Correlation does not imply causation" quip by political and religionist worshipers of political correctness and the demanded veneration of the delusions of religion.

My three favorite logical fallacies are:

argumentum ad hominem - because 90% or more people have seen it but do not understand the mechanics correctly. It is only an ad hominem when you call someone a jackass and then equate that the point made is invalid because that person is a jackass. Example: Sir Isaac Newton was a complete lunatic and a horrid jackass, but that does not invalidate his studies of mathematics.

No true Scotsman - because religionists use this as a blanket for their horrid texts and others behavior when they cannot justify the facts or gather the reality of statistics, it is excuse making at it's best and most irrational.

Moving The Goalposts - because we all know that is the only way a religionists can actually win a logical, factual, argument based on evidence - to run away.

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