Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tea Partiers: Not Racist…

…but pretty stupid.

I didn’t vote for Obama and I don’t even like him or agree with what he’s doing, so why would I dislike the Tea Party movement?

Well, for one thing, I’m not a Republican.

In case you didn’t know, Republicans have far less registered voters than Democrats, and in many states, there are more registered as Independent/Unaffiliated than Republican

Looking at registered voters is important, because this is one of the single largest determining factors for whether a person will vote. In 2008, 89.6% of the population (source) who was registered to vote went out and cast a ballot of some kind. Add to this the fact that nine states have more people registered Independent/Unaffiliated than are registered Republican or Democrat, and you can see that Independents make the difference in elections.

For those curious, the national breakdown in 2008 looked like this (source):

43.62% Democrat
30.72% Republican
23.98% Independent/Unaffiliated
1.44% Other*

* (From biggest to smallest: Constitution, Libertarian, Reform, Working Family, and still others, mostly Socialist or Secessionist/Independence parties)

This means both main parties rely heavily upon Independents. After a solid defeat, it’s no surprise that Republicans have been reaching out in a major way to independents. But is it reaching out, or encouraging people to be repelled by Democrats?

The Tea Party is nothing but a rebranding of Republicanism, with a slightly different formula for making campaign promises. Parting from the past eight years of fear mongering via “the terrorists are out to get us” rhetoric, we are seeing a new angle that hasn’t been en vogue since the Cold War: anti-Communism fear mongering.

I’m a Socialish (it’s like a socialist, but not really), and I can assure you: Obama is no comrade of mine.

Perhaps hoping to capitalize on the disenfranchised Libertarian voter, perhaps the result of nothing more than sheer embarrassment over the Bush years, the Tea Party is little more than an attempt to drum up anti-Obama sentiment for Republicans under a different banner. After all, if those Independents aren’t voting for Obama, that must mean they’re voting for the Republican… you wouldn’t throw your vote away on some third party candidate, right?

One can already see the Tea Party is not a cohesive contingent with any sort of codified platform or ideology. There are rifts opening left and right (mostly right), dividing the group into irreconcilable contingencies with only one thing in common: a dislike for Obama.

You can’t organize people whose only common trait is that they aren’t something. As an atheist, I know a thing or two about negative group formation. It’s enough to bring people together, but it’s not enough to keep them together. The endgame strategy behind the Tea Party is clearly to elect a Republican in 2012.

And which Republican? If the Tea Party was rallying behind Ron Paul, I would be happily surprised, but they aren’t. Instead, the emerging figurehead who seems to be most active in the rallies is Sarah Palin, but this only serves to show how little impact the Tea Party itself will have. Palin is not a viable candidate (I bet Republicans will end up with Romney, and that he’ll lose to Obama).

Let’s face it. Any group that not only allows, but encourages Palin to become associated with them is not worth being a part of, and their intelligence has to be called into question. No one should have any respect for that pea-brained quitter.

I’m angry at Obama, too, but I don’t run into the arms of the first pleasant sounding siren who comes along. Anyone promising to lower taxes at a time of record debt is clearly out of touch and certainly not fiscally responsible. It’s going to take increased taxes to pay for the Bush years, let alone the Obama years, so the single biggest galvanizing issue that the Tea Party rallies behind is not only economically irresponsible, it cannot be exercised.

There will be taxes, get over it.

Even if some sort of freak accident killed every other candidate and Ron Paul were elected, he would have to raise taxes. Even if he cut every single government program, fired every government employee he legally could, and sold children who were abandoned to the state as sex slaves… he would still have to raise taxes (and unemployment would be unprecedented).

Yeah, it sucks, but we have no one to blame but Republicans, Democrats, and the American morons who elected them. The question is: will people wise up and realize the Tea Party is a Republican front? Will people put their time, energy and money behind real efforts to add political diversity to the two-tone landscape?

Be a Libertarian, be an Anarchist, be a Socialist, be something with an established ideology and its own identity, or even be an Independent, the free agent of politics. Don’t settle for the same old shit in a different box.

Unless you’re a Republican, then don that tri-cornered hat and remember: election day is Wednesday, November 10th. [Shh… don’t tell them…]


  1. I think the tea party is very racist. why do they all look so white and say racist things about black people?

  2. Anonymous - you're so ill-informed!! Maybe you should attend a couple of rallies to see what they are really all about instead of watching MSNBC or some other progressive-run media station to get your perspective.

    Bret, you seem to have missed the point. The tea party is no party - it is a conservative movement. Generally speaking we transend party lines - we oppose progressivism and socialistic policies from our government, our media and our educational institutions. We embrace the Constitution - not as a "living" document to be interpreted at the whim of some alleged intellectual - but as the firm foundation of our country which provides the guidance for our values, principles and morality as a nation. We embrace God. We embrace ANYONE, regardless of color, creed, ethnicity, race, gender, etc who is like minded, and REJECT anyone progressive in their ideology. Now, maybe, based upon ideology, you could spin the facts to make it look like we're a bunch of bigots or racsits, but in reality we are just plain old patriotic Americans who don't want to go down the progressive road.

  3. All of them? Really? I don't see that, but maybe it's because I've paid attention to them.

  4. HtBWS, I want to address each of your points, so I'll reproduce your comment and insert my rebuttal in brackets. I also want to break it up from the one disorganized paragraph you composed.

    Bret, you seem to have missed the point. The tea party is no party - it is a conservative movement, [I think I was pretty spot-on, there, but maybe it was lost in the nonsense. I agree, the Tea Partiers are conservatives, largely organized by Faux News, a ridiculously worse source than MSNBC, neither of which I watch.]

    Generally speaking we transend party lines [be you a right-wing conservative, or a conservative right-winger...]- we oppose progressivism and socialistic policies from our government [you already lost my vote, but go on], our media [ah yes, the fabled "liberal media" I hear so much about from Faux News] and our educational institutions. [Who do these people think they are? Fuck "science" and especially fuck "history!"]

    We embrace the Constitution - not as a "living" document to be interpreted at the whim of some alleged intellectual [anti-intellectualism... aka pro-stupidism... I think I covered that when I mentioned Palin] - but as the firm foundation of our country which provides the guidance for our values, principles and morality as a nation {pretty words].

    We embrace God. [while you have him in your grasp, ask Him for a little evidence He exists, and share it with the Libertarian atheists who attend your rallies and populate this blog.]

    We embrace ANYONE, regardless of color, creed [except atheists...], ethnicity [except Mexicans who are not citizens due to ridiculously racist immigration standards], race [same as race... you're really hammering this one home... the lady doth protest too much, methinks...], gender, etc who is like minded [I'm not the one who called them racist, nor did I bring up sexism, especially considering my mention of Palin], and REJECT anyone progressive in their ideology. [Well then fuck you too, buddy.]

    Now, maybe, based upon ideology, you could spin the facts to make it look like we're a bunch of bigots or racsits, [I didn't, but I will point out that Tea Partiers have horrible grammar, punctuation, and spelling... I guess that comes with the anti-intellectualism. Damn us liberals and our fancy book learnin'.] but in reality we are just plain old [retired, non-tax paying, Medicare loving] patriotic Americans who don't want to go down the progressive road. [Yeah! Those post-FDR years of unbelievable prosperity, and Eisenhower's 91% Republican tax rate on the highest income bracket really fucked over our country! We need a return to the Reagan years, you know, when things started going downhill!]

    You're a retard, thank you for playing.

  5. I love atheists. People have to prove to THEM that God exists. Meanwhile, they can't prove he doesn't exist. As the Black Knight said, "call it a draw" - at the very least. Me? I guess I'm dim-witted enough to go with the Founders and other Enlightenment philosophers that everything flows from God.

    But that's me. I ain't betting against God.

    Aside from the disurbing fact you're a socialist-atheist, (let's call you CCCP shall we? I'm sure SE will be pleased with that nickname. I have to admit, for a while, I thought he was a girl; the eye avatar confused me - it doesn't take much) I think you bring up a good point about the debt. Now is not the time to cut taxes. You can't just reduce the size of the government (while fine by me in principle) without jolting the economy negatively.

    Although I'm not sure I agree Obama has to spend his way past Bush. Two things bother me about that: You guys borrow and print to do that. I'm not so sure there weren't other options available.

    Interesting about "registered" voters. Didn't know that. Libertarians are behind Constitutionalists? Man, they have work to do.

  6. I have no data on it, but from casual observation I have found most Libertarians register as Independents, especially in states that are so Nazi they won't even let people register as Libertarian. I'm sure a couple go Dem or Repub just to vote in primaries (since if you don't register in one of those, you're cut out of an important part of the election process in many states).

    Printing money is never the answer, unless your problem is a currency that is worth something. If you need to correct that, then print away. I think we should start printing $1 billion dollar bills, and we should put George W. Bush on the front (since we already associate him with billion dollar bills).

    Finally, regarding gods... yes, the burden of proof is on people proving the existence of gods. There's frankly no reason I have to prove anything if I choose to be an atheist. If I want to be an Atheist (capital A), I might make the audacious faith statement, "There are no gods," and then I could blather on with pseudo-evidence. But the problem is, the god theory is completely untestable, thereby being scientifically irrelevant. But honestly, does it smell like there's are gods to you? I don't think so...

    Me, I don't believe in gods, just an invisible purple ape who follows me around, guiding my every move and telling me what is right and what is wrong. He's quite magical, you see, being both invisible and purple. Did I just blow your mind? Yeah, I thought not...

  7. Mine is a black monkey with a silver streak back.

    You don't feel Him because you have no soul. Possibly because you sold it to Milhouse.

  8. No wonder I keep running into automatic doors...

    I am curious, though: if everything flows from God, from whence does God flow?


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