Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Invincible (or at least Durable)

One of the most annoying things in my life was having to live in Philadelphia when the movie “Invincible” came out. It is worse than when Star Wars or Lord of the Ring movies premiered, because only nerds get excited and the movies aren’t bad.

For a movie so mind-numbingly mediocre, people in Philly would not stop talking about it for a few months. While I’m sure the movie isn’t that bad, I couldn’t stand the psychology of the premise.

You see, it’s every guy’s dream to get paid to play a game. It’s a dream that ranks up there with being a professional sperm donor, or being the guy in Florida who flips the switch on Old Sparky (admit it, you would love to kill murderers and rapists for a living).

Even more absurd was the idea that some of these guys were talking about how they wish they could play for the Eagles, even though they sweat and are out of breath when they eat. I imagine if I was just a bit older, I would hold the same grudge against the movie “Rudy.”

[Weird side note: my mom and her sister went to the same school in Joliet, Illinois as Rudy, and my Aunt was even in the same year as him.]

In general, I don’t expect the underdog or outsider to overcome the odds. I find it ridiculous to try, really. My mind says this, but still I write. Even though I have nothing unique and particularly interesting to say, I work against the odds to produce something worth reading.

I don’t know why. I can’t explain the drive. I’m sure all the other bloggers out there know that feeling when they’re out living their life and something weird happens… you don’t think, “Well, that was odd.” You think, “I have to write that down.”

So, for granting me access to another pulpit, thank you, Nikkolas Jakkson, for taking a chance on a guy who calls you a fag on a near weekly basis, I salute your supernatural tolerance.

Now, to go about laying the tracks for SE to become… THE STATIST EXPRESS!


I kid, I kid... down with the system, blah blah blah... oh look, something good on TV.

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