Monday, August 2, 2010

The Partly Clueless Michael Moore

I just happened to catch part of a weekend repeat of Larry King Live on CNN yesterday, and listened while Michael Moore talked about the left's disappointment with Obama. The President, said Moore, has a good heart, or something like that. Moore said that Obama shouldn't be "afraid" to do the things the people elected him to do (like maybe that little thing of ending the Iraq War).

Hmmm, the first thing he will do if we're still in Iraq when he becomes President. What the Hell happened to that? Listen Michael, Obama isn't afraid to to anything, he is doing what he wants to do, because he is just another ruling class elitist supporter of the Military Industrial Bankster Complex like his predecessor, George W. Bush.

“What needs to happen is that those of us who voted for him need to get him to do the things we elected him to do — and to not be afraid to do those things. … Our criticisms on the left are because he is of good heart and we believe that he will do the right thing. If he doesn’t do the right thing, he will probably depress the vote on the Democratic side this November and the Republicans could take back one or two houses of congress. I’d hate to see that happen so, Mr. Obama, now’s the chance to be all that you can be and do the things that we elected you to do.” — Michael Moore

“We have this war machine that was built on a lie a number of years ago — incredible lies that have cost thousands of lives, billions of dollars. And one brave soldier by the name of Bradley Manning decided that the truth had to be told and he said he was willing to do it regardless of the consequences. And he essentially followed the Nuremberg Principles, which is when you see something going on like this; when you see war crimes being committed; when you see lies being told in order to bring a country to war you have to speak out against it. You can’t just line up and be a good German and do what you’re told to do. So this brave soldier put up on the internet, through WikiLeaks, footage that was just absolutely incredible and sad and pathetic to watch. And for that, now, he’s been arrested — he’s in jail. The opposite should be happening. He should be rewarded for saying, ‘I witnessed a lie and I’m going to tell my fellow Americans the truth.’ … That’s a bit of an Orwellian moment because you have the Obama administration essentially defending the cover-up and the lying that took place, primarily, during the Bush years. … I’m disappointed that the Obama administration doesn’t give him a Profile in Courage award as opposed to the way he’s being treated right now.” — Michael Moore

Okay, so that's why we still link to Moore here at Skeptical Eye. Yes, Bradley Manning is a hero, but the idea that Obama would even consider doing anything but what he is doing now in regard to Manning and the WikiLeaks issue is ludicrous. "Disappointed" that Barack the Liar doesn't give him a Profile in Courage award! Hahahahahaha! How hopelessly naive and clueless about the true character of the current warmongering coward in the White House could anyone be?

Moore needs to join the anarchist left, the anti-state as well as anti-war left, the libertarian left, for the pro-big government left can never be anything but a mass of contradictions that lead to only more tyranny in the end. The libertarian left is the only real left left.

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