Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anarchism 101: What is Anarchism?


  1. 1) What made you decide to "out" yourself with your name?
    2) Something tells me you like the colour blue.
    3) Where did you sign up for the ads/banner at the top of your site?
    4) Do you like cupcakes?

  2. 1) I realized Shakespeare was right.

    2) No, I like the color blue. Are you Canadians ever gonna learn how to spell American?

    3) I'll tell you when you reveal all your secrets to me!

    4) No, cupcakes are an evil conspiracy launched by Bret "Ginx" Alan to destroy me and this blog. I hate cupcakes!

  3. Here's the answer to number 3...

    Blank Homer stare.


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