Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still here you... (The Adventures of DM, International Psychotic of Mystery)

...freaking monkeys!

Yes, the monkeys are freaking, they're freaking real bad, they're so freaked out they can't even land.

Yes, the monkeys are freaking, they're freaking real bad, they're so freaked out they won't ever land.

You thought you'd seen the last of me, that crazy real freaking guy they called SE. Well now you know, you know it real bad, that SE dude is better than rad!

SE comes back to blog at SE, well ain't that ironic or something of a tonic.

Oh yeah! That SE is back, he's really got the knack, but don't let it throw you or make you out of whack!

SE is pure, an atheist through and through, while that Nick dude seems cool, but is really quite the fool!

So tell DM that Nicky is his friend, but when SE's in the house, he'll treat Mabus like a mouse!

Oh yeah, that SE is back, now make the most of it and tell him all your facts!

Editorial note by Nikkolas Jakson:

When it came to my attention that SE was going to post the above, I requested to first put it before "DM", since he is mentioned by SE. For some reason it has leaked out that I'm an agnostic, as if that were some sort of weak, uncommitted atheist. Well, I'll have it be known here and now that I am totally committed to a firm and uncompromising agnosticism! I KNOW the agnostic position is the correct one (having performed sex using it almost exclusively over all other positions these last few years).

So I'll be damned if I'll let someone mark me as some kind of namby-pamby.

In any event, after reviewing SE's post, DM had this to say:


SE and Nikkolas "Babbling" Jakkson are FREAKING idiots with the brains of MONKEYS!!!

The rest of DM's response was something about a "Royal Flush", a rubber ducky and "boobies", but I didn't think it relevant so I edited all that out.

Now, can't we all just get along?

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