Sunday, August 15, 2010

Der Spiegel Proves Ginx Wrong!

Ginx is in love with intellectual "property" and the ridiculous notion that it promotes innovation. As usual, the facts prove Ginx wrong (again).

You may recall that Eckhard Höffner has been examining the history of copyright in Germany - finding that in its absence there was an explosion of knowledge - that due to the late enforcement of copyright in Germany, Germany emerged from a poor agricultural country in 1800 to the leading science nation in 1900. The German media being more advanced than the U.S. media Der Spiegel,the preeminant German weekly news magazine with a print run of about 1 million, and one of the most widely circulated magazines in Europe has picked up the story.

Explosion of knowledge. Was the industrial rise of Germany caused, because copyright was unknown. If your German is not good you might try Google Translate.

Against Monopoly: Der Spiegel

1 comment:

  1. .. and the next day, Der Spiegel folded because no one buys magazines...

    But seriously.

    Ich bin Geschmeichelt Deutschen haben gehört von mir.


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