Sunday, August 1, 2010

If you’ve never seen a mad Hungarian, buckle up

If we had to guess, we’d suggest that one of the first countries to go revolutionary will be Hungary. The Magyars have a long history of revolting against thieving and oppressive leaders, and if one thing is certain it’s that the country of Hungary is now completely broke because of the same reasons as Greece. Elected officials have been manipulating the numbers in Hungary for years, stealing their share while further enriching mega-banks at the cost of making their people poorer. If you’ve never seen a mad Hungarian, buckle up. Once their currency goes hyperinflationary or their country is forced to default on their debt, essentially destroying their currency system, it’s going to get ugly. The last time the Hungarians had a large-scale revolution, headless bodies lined the streets.

For Some Countries Revolution Will Be Orderly and Constructive, For Others It Will Be Violent

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