Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ground Zeros

Cordoba House

I was listening to a neocon right-wing radio host yesterday blathering on and on about the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque", stating that no one would be objecting if it wasn't at ground zero, but, say, a couple of miles away. Well, it's a few blocks away at least, though that didn't stop the loon from continuing his ranting.

Here's Mark Levin "interviewing" Debra Burlingame, a far-right radical neocon pro "war on terror" statist.

"Conservatives" are supposed to be in favor of property rights, but notice how Burlingame advocates using the statist "landmark preservation" gambit to attempt to stop the building of the Islamic center. Levin the Statist then agrees with Burlingame on New York Mayor Bloomberg's statement "Governments don't tell people how to pray" when she says "He's wrong, in Muslim and Arab countries they tell them every day of the week how to pray and much, much more..." which may be true, but what's that got to do with the United States? I thought Muslims attacked us because they "hate us for our freedoms", so isn't allowing this Islamic center in that spirit of American freedom and values? Unless the "conservative" plan is for America to become more like those Arab countries so they won't attack us anymore because we're no longer free. Hell yes, that must be it! That explains a lot, including the PATRIOT act and "much, much more".

I wonder exactly how far from Ground Zero a Muslim building has to be before it no longer insults the memory of 9/11? And can Muslims in Islamic dress visit the site without it being an affront? Or must they too stay at least a few miles away in order to avoid being the subject of "protests".

Of course, it's entirely unacceptable that America, like, be the beacon of religious freedom she has been for the past two hundred years. I always thought religious freedom was over-rated, anyway.

The opposition to this mosque/community center arises mainly (surprise, surprise) from the Right. In the American exceptionalist mindset the average Republican pundit possesses, it is inconceivable that America should actually allow alternate views and religions to rise up in her land! After all, those Muslims spread their religion! And...they blew up our towers!-Teenage Politics: "Ground Zero Mosque"

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  1. I know it's obnoxious when commenters leave links to their own writings, but I think you might find this piece, which I wrote about Sarah Palin's vitriol regarding the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque", interesting.


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