Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Life in the 18th Century

We can do it if we just work hard enough against all those modern inventions that are causing global warming. Join Al Gore and the environmentalists and help return the world to those wonderful pre-industrial days. Future generations will thank you (if it's not too late to turn back the clock).

America on the verge of revolution is envisioned by 21st-century Americans as the Colonial Williamsburg that thousands of tourists visit each year -- an America of quaint costumes, cozy Colonial-style restaurants, and fun displays and re-enactments.

In fact, though, daily life in the 18th century bore little resemblance to the "life" we see at Colonial Williamsburg. Being preindustrial, everyone but royalty and the upper-crust nobility of that era was oppressively poor by our standards.

Life before industry


  1. You are correct re the life standard of some middling sort people, but many found freedom in the New World as settlers. Freedom counts for a lot when it comes to quality of life and caring for the environment. We/I can get no further in my self-reliance, because I am forced to pay rates for a service I do not get. So long as I have to pay rates on my own land, then I have to earn money to pay those rates. Without the need to pay rates, I could be totally self-sufficient.
    I lived an 18th century lifestyle for over 20 years, and as an 18th century living historian I know the difference between then and now.

  2. Did you have access to antibiotics? Be honest...


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