Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Skeptical (episode 3)

Dr Mr Skeptic

Do you think Mr. Bret Alan will ever become an anarchist?


Curious About Ginx

Dear Curious,

You may as well ask me if Christopher Hitchens will become the preeminent Catholic apologist of our time. No, Ginx, as I still prefer to refer to him, is of the same mindset to anarchy as is the drunk to religion who goes to the rescue mission for a free meal, sings religious hymns for his food, while singing has a vision of the Lord and starts to really get into the whole Jesus saves thing, then goes out and gets loaded with cheap Wino Brand wine from the corner liquor store.

Dear Skeptical guy,

I have lots of stuffed animals in my collection. I have had them since childhood. I love them and feel they are real sometimes. They talk to me and I have tea with them. They are my friends.

Do you have any stuffed animals still, and what are your favorites of yours.


Stuffed But Tuff

Dear Stuffed

You almost bring up too many things to deal with in one reply, but I'll try.

I have wine sometimes with mine, especially the stuffed pork chops. I do drink tea, but not with stuffed animals. Oh, I might have a cup of Earl Grey after the Thanksgiving turkey, but that's not everyday.

I did have a fat cat once (or was that the neighbor) but no one to my knowledge ate him, certainly not me.

If you've had them since childhood, I hope you're not too old; otherwise throw them out, as they're no doubt spoiled.

I still think my favorite is those pork chops, but ever since I chopped off part of a finger chopping fresh ginger for the recipe, I've been reluctant to prepare them again.

Oh, and get some real friends, or just stuff a squirrel with nuts and invite it to live with you. In fact, there are many squirrels near my house that want to be your friend. Why not have many friends by taking them all into your home?

Dear Dr. Skeptical

This blog sucks! You never blog about bigfoot and ghosts and horrible monsters! What kind of a skeptical blog is it when you never blog about those things?


Disappointed in Bigfoot Country

Dear Disappointed,


I promise from now on to blog more about horrible monsters, just don't expect a post about Bret "Ginx" Alan everyday, okay?

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  1. I'm as opposed to the idea of ghosts and bigfoot as much as I am to the idea of no government, though the worst would be a government run by "horrible monsters." But that's why I don't vote Republican. [I don't vote Democrat because I hate whiney pussies.]


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