Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog of the Moment: Anything But Theist

This is the most difficult awarding of Blog of the Moment I've ever had to make. When it comes to any blog that touches on political matters, pro-state blogs just don't win...but Ginx is something special (though not necessarily always in a good way) and at times he can sound like a libertarian (or even an anarchist). What I like most is his creativity in his posts. He is often wrong when he spouts his inane opinions, and he is immune to logic when you point his errors out to him, but I nevertheless enjoy visiting his blog, and I think he's earned this...and so, without further ado...

The Blog of the Moment goes to...

Anything But Theist


  1. I sometimes wondered if you might ask me to be a contributor, but I have come to view myself not as one of the Muppets on the stage, but as one of the old men in the balcony.

    The other old guy? DM...

    I call Waldorf! (The mustachioed, stoned looking one.)

  2. I sometimes wondered if you might ask me to be a contributor

    I almost did...and believe me, you'd really liven things up here, but I haven't because I figured you've got a good thing going with your own blog, and also, you might not fit in with the libertarian/anarchist slant we have.

    Still, if you would consider it, I'm open to the idea (though I'd probably regret it).

    Anyway, people should definitely give your blog a look if they haven't already.


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