Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pigs raid home, shoot dog for no apparent reason

Why? For a MISDEMEANOR marijuana charge. Radley Balko's take here.

A note to all the little piglets out there: raid my home and shoot my dog like this and you'll probably be leaving in a body bag. ;)


  1. I put up the same video, if this doesn't make your blood boil, make sure you have a pulse!

  2. Even more disturbing is how common it is for police raids to end in the death of family dogs, even when it has nothing to do with drugs and its the wrong house.

    Maybe a non-fear of canines ought to be one of the requirements for carrying a gun on the force.

  3. Can they just use pepper spray?

    "You, with the studded collar! Put the Kong down! Put your tail between your legs!"

  4. Wouldn't it just be better if they didn't bust in armed for war?

    Some of the most successful police departments in the world have a force that is primarily unarmed beyond a billy-club, if even that. I think arming the police just sets the stage for a civilian arms race.


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