Sunday, May 30, 2010


I used to watch the Indianapolis 500 every Memorial Day weekend, but for years I've ignored it. I don't know why and I don't even remember when I stopped watching, but I just happened to see a news story on the race online yesterday and then it all came back and I said "oh yeah, the big race is tomorrow", so I'm excited about watching it again and getting ready to fire up the old television set.

Did you know that up through 1985 ABC telecast the event on a tape delay, hours after it was over? What kind of a way is that to present a major sporting event? I ask you, and I don't expect an answer. The race in those days was a prime time Sunday night big event for the network, like annual broadcasts of The Ten Commandments at Easter.

Back then you had to be careful to avoid listening to any news reports during the day of the race, because of course they would announce the winner before you had a chance to see the outcome on TV that night. I remember one year, my diaper falling off as I crawled to the kitchen for another graham cracker, hearing the radio blurt out the winner and spoiling it for me before I'd seen a single lap or watched any spectacular crashes.

But now it has been broadcast live for many years, so Indy fans can watch without knowing that it's all over before the fat lady sings.

It was once a must watch race for me, and today, I start my Indy watching engines once again and revive the tradition.

Happy race watching, sports fans!

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