Saturday, May 22, 2010

I shouldn't have stayed up late not blogging last night

That's right, I'm tired this morning, nearly falling asleep, barely keeping my eyes open. I should have gone to bed earlier, but I wanted to blog like mad and complete ten posts before turning in. I think I posted a video, but I don't remember, it's all a blur. I should really take a nap now, but if DM drops a "comment" my alarm will go off and I'll be up to delete it.

I've really got to stop watching movies on Netflix on my computer at night, but at least it keeps me from doing nothing here at the old blog. However, I know I'll be back to my old blogging self in no time, which will lose us a few more followers for sure.

Until then, Ginx will hold down the fort with comments and Cork will write the real posts that you all enjoy (and all joking aside, Cork is the greatest thing to happen to Skeptical Eye since sliced bread, which happened on day one when I cut my finger slicing a loaf of rye and wrote the first post in great finger pain, but the sliced rye, which I turned into toast and buttered with real butter and ate while I wrote, made up for it and we were off and running).

Humor, who put that in the labels? This isn't funny at all. Seriously, I'm very tired. Maybe I should go find a video about lack of sleep? Wait here....

See, told you this wasn't funny!

And yes, I always take the advice of former pro wrestlers.


  1. Thanks man! It always feels good to be compared favorably with sliced bread :)

    BTW I'm the biggest insomniac ever, so I'm also often lacking sleep.

  2. Hey Cork, you really are appreciated around here, much more than you realize.

    I also am what people used to refer to as a "night owl" (maybe they still do?) and even when I'm "tired" often find myself up long after midnight.


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