Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweden's March Towards Capitalism

Bergh says that despite popular mythology, Sweden is not a socialist success story but instead owes its economic growth to the lowered tax rates and deregulation of the early 1990s, which allowed innovation and investment to flourish. Bergh also discusses how Sweden's national voucher program revitalized the country's educational system and warns that Americans who are hoping to emulate Swedish success by growing the public sector are learning the wrong lessons from Sweden.

via The Commentator

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  1. I love this. It shoves a wrench into the liberal spokes who cite Scandinavia as a socialist paradise. It's a well-governed, looks like, society but even they understand how capital and wealth is created. And it ain't through the public sector. More importantly, they've IDENTIFIED who will get the coin and devised a neat process as to how much each will get!

    Yet, here we believe the public sector should be equal or greater than the private sector.

    Notice what he said about public health. In any event, we spend senselessly throwing dough at programs hoping that somehow the people in charge will make it work.


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