Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Expedite Religion's Disappearance?

Well, for obvious reasons. The most predominant reason is that religious doctrines never reflect the truth. Every major religion teaches that the truth is of upmost importance but ironically, the doctrines themselves contain paranormal foundations. Logical thinking and decision making require truth to be of upmost importance. If you let people carry on their lives believing in imaginary gods and imaginary concepts like life-after-death then their lives are out of step with reality. This causes people to waste their only life as they live under these misconceptions. Sometimes religious people willfully end their only life believing that they will carry on living a better afterlife. In some cases they kill other people in the process of taking their own life.

There are many reasons why we should strive to halt religious practice. Stephen Frederick Uhl in his book "Imagine No Superstition" has dedicated an entire chapter to why religion is harmful to society. Here's a quote from the chapter:

"A necessary stance of supernatural religions is that one's faith must over-ride or control one's reason; for the believer, logic is secondary to faith. This subjecting of humankind's highest natural power to faith can lead to various sorts of illogical and destructive results: inter-faith terrorism, over-population, repression of free scientific inquiry, impoverishing the poor and ignorant contributors to dubious causes, to name a few. But I think the most destructive result of subjecting reason to faith is the loss of respect for our highest power, the logical human mind with its ability to problem solve responsibly."

From Denormalize Religion by Darwin Bedford

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