Monday, May 31, 2010

Ah, Memorial Day

It's the anniversary of what I think is the best blog post I ever came up with. Or, if it isn't the best then it's certainly a favorite.

Suck it, statists!

UPDATE: Someone apparently linked to the post over at, so there's now a bunch of new comments on it! And most of them are supportive of my views which is just awesome.

I'll post one of the negative comments just so we can all have a good laugh at it:

Your analysis is much too simplistic.

Let me point out that your sorry over liberal butt - That you enjoy the freedom to dishonor the dead in the military because of the military. Your sorry butt sits in safety because of men willing to do violence; or you would not enjoy the freedom you have to bash them except for them.

This just doesn't couldn't any more pathetic.

You enjoy this freedom -
Because of men who went to places they knew they may die; yet went anyway.

It is commonly called courage and I know your type; you often lack it.

To be blunt; this is a cold cruel world and if not for them; you would probably be speaking Chinese and they would not really approve of your liberal rants. They are famous for imprisoning political dissenters and even sell their organs. Yes - They really do.

NO - There have always been atrocities in war. That part I have zero tolerance for. Maybe it is quit a bit to expect people that are exposed to horrors most of us cannot imagine to keep a cool head. War brings out the best and worst in us. Mind blowing self sacrifice and courage and cruelty beyond our imagination.

Those men went for the most part for what they believed were noble aspirations. They were willing to die to protect the likes of you.

They really deserve much better.

Shame and you - all of you!


  1. Awesome indeed, Cork! It was a great post. I'm not surprised someone found and linked to it from antiwar.

    It doesn't get any funnier than that comment from "veberflus". Yes, when they went away to die in the jungles of Southeast Asia, they were dying for your freedom! And to keep you from speaking Chinese (though actually, I at least wish I could speak Chinese).

    Cork, you're a liberal? Why am I just learning this now?

  2. Lol. Funny.

    Wait, why is war the answer again?


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