Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday: Blackout

I was falling fast. I sat on the couch, not paying much attention, watching a funny soccer comedy. Someone was singing something disturbing, but I let my attention drift to my own troubles.

She was somewhere else, going for training on a new job, and I wondered when I would hear from her again. Then we all got into the car of my friend's friend, some kind of small SUV. I can't remember the details, but she was staying over for a few days. We just went up to the supermarket on the corner, it was late and yet we filled two shopping carts and wondered if all the stuff would fit into the back of the car. There and back the song was playing over and over and I'd never heard it before, so I asked the virtual stranger what it was, and she produced the CD, let me look at it. I later bought it at the last remaining Tower, and listened to only that one track, over and over...

Don't kid yourself,
And don't fool yourself,
This love's too good to last,
And I'm too old to dream...

Don't grow up too fast,
And don't embrace the past,
This life's too good to last,
And I'm too young to care...

Don't kid yourself,
And don't fool yourself,
This life could be the last,
And we're too young to see

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