Thursday, May 27, 2010

The real problem with Rand Paul...

..isn't that he opposes criminalizing racism (a totalitarian idea if there ever was one) but that he's a despicable, war-mongering monster who lacks even a shred of integrity. Justin Raimondo on the details here and here.

Let's compare Ron Paul...

..with his sell-out hack son.

I'll take Paul the elder any day. Maybe wisdom sometimes does come with age.


  1. Representatives can say things like, "The defense industry is a sham," but Senators must kowtow to the military industrial complex if they want any hope of election.

    And you forgot the part about Rand being a psychotic Christian.

  2. Also, Rand has the worst toupee ever.

  3. the worst toupee ever.

    Wasn't that Sam Donaldson?

  4. Donaldson's was the worst, but Rand Paul's has potential. The Senate has a way of drawing out the worst toupees in people (see Trent Lott).


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