Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Are Young People Liberal?

Two National Review regulars debate why young people are liberal:

As a young person myself (but not a liberal) let me say that these guys are both totally wrong about nearly everything here.

Why are young people liberal? Answer: because nobody will fucking hire us! It's that simple. Older conservative employers would go a long ways toward fixing the situation simply by offering us jobs with decent benefits.

Unfortunately, most young people don't understand that the government (especially with our current fanatical anti-business president) is the problem. All they know is they can't get a job or pay the bills, and that only the Democrats are addressing those concerns in any way, shape or form. Yes, their solutions are garbage but they're at least providing young people with the delusion that they care about it. Republicans are more interested in calling us lazy.

Gee, it's such a mystery why young people don't vote for Republicans...


  1. It's more simple than that. It's mostly old people who still have a problem with gays and other races. It's mostly old people who haven't been to school and learned anything new in decades, so they harbor a woefully out-of-date worldview. And it's also old people who love wars, because they don't have to go out and fight them.

    Yes, it would be nice if some of these old people would retire already, but they've pissed away their futures with their poor planning, and now we the younger generation are expected shoulder the burden of generational poverty so they can live out their remaining days in comfort.

  2. Too true, Ginx. I'd also add that many old people grew up in a time where you could get a decent job just by graduating from high school. This explains why they think that today's struggling young adults are "lazy" and "spoiled brats." But oh are they still happy to live off our toil..

  3. Not only do high school diplomas not go very far, neither do most college degrees. It's a different time we live in today, though the ideology of the old barely made sense during the era of plenty.

    It's sad that when I look around, I have to settle for these being my "good ole days."

  4. Obama is anti-business? Really?

    Is that why he saved GM?

    Is that why he pushed for a health care plan that drives 100% of Americans into the hands of private insurance companies?

    Is that why his closest advisers are all from big financial companies like Goldman Sachs?

    You can't just throw out bullshit statements like that.


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