Saturday, May 15, 2010

Driving Mr. Peanut

Okay, the title of this post is lame (come to think of it, all my titles are pretty lame, oh well) but it's the best I can do on a Saturday night.

So, my roommate gave me some peanuts in the shell that his mom gave to him. I buy them occasionally, just because I enjoy breaking apart the fragile little peanut shells and getting revenge on the evil peanuts inside; thought you were safe, peanut? Think again! Bwahahahahah!

When I buy them, I buy the roasted but unsalted ones (I can't imagine buying the raw ones, though they are available) but these were roasted and salted. I don't need the extra salt, and I really don't care for the taste of the salted in the shell peanuts, though that may only be due to my habit of eating the unsalted variety so often.

Anyway, what I'm driving at with this post, is that I tried eating those peanuts in the shell while driving, and I discovered that you can't do it. Go ahead, try it for yourself. It's actually easier to text message while driving.


  1. I guess it would be even harder on my motorcycle then, huh?

  2. Quick! Draw up a bill to ban eating in-shell peanuts while driving! If we don't have a law, your mistake will be repeated by countless others! I would like to propose an amendment which includes banning the eating of pistachios while driving and $500,000,000 for nut farmer subsidies to help them cope.

    1. Good points, Ginx. Thank god for libertarians like yourself.


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