Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog of the Moment: This Day in Bald History

There’s no other way to say it: This Day in Bald History is the cure for baldness. The knowledge gained from this well-researched site will cause you to regrow hair. You will see results in 30 days or less or your money back.

You probably know that women love a man with thick, luxurious hair, the kind of hair you can only grow if you regularly visit the website This Day in Bald History. What do you have to lose?

This Day in Bald History

I was inspired to make this blog our latest Blog of the Moment by Ginx, my dear, dear buddy (confirmation of our buddy status is available from DM) who left a comment here on Rand Paul's "hair". This happened just as I was about to name Anything But Theist our latest Blog of the Moment, but now it looks as if Ginx has lost again, this time to a baldy. His blog has been up for the award a few times, but somehow fate steps in each time to prevent the honor from being bestowed (Ginx was up against another baldy once, Bill Gnade, who also has been up for the award several times, and actually inspired it to begin with...yes, the award Blog of the Moment was created to honor Bill, until I thankfully came to my senses).

And what do you know, This Day in Bald History recently brought up the most important issue regarding Dr. Paul, his "hair":

His upset victory has attracted greater scrutiny and media attention for Paul, not just for his comments regarding the Civil Rights Act, and his defense of B.P. in the Gulf oil spill, but there is growing awareness that something is terribly wrong with his hair.

While the media has focussed on his comments, the blogosphere has zeroed in on his hair… or is it his hair? There’s something unnatural about it. Short and gray at the temples, the top is shaggy and the coloring looks unnatural. Is it a toupee? Is it an erratic combover? Is it made of goose feathers spit out the back of a jet engine?

And if it is a bald cover-up, what exactly is he hiding under there? Guns? The Constitution? Unpaid taxes? It could be anything.-Mr. Paul’s Toupee Goes To Washington?

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  1. There's always next... moment.

    Regarding why I might even care about the issue, I find it indicative of character, though wholly unimportant pertaining to governing ability. Whether someone wears a toupee is comparable to whether they cheat on their wife. The adulterer may have loyalty problems, while the hairpiece wearer is clearly concerned with appearances.

    I have long held a balding hierarchy: those who don't hide it are best, those who comb-over come next, and the worst are those who wear toupees and hats.

    Those who try to cover their baldness are people I feel have insecurities or self-image problems. Why would Rand Paul want to appear more young and virile than he actually looks naturally? Perhaps because the man is an aging fossil who is woefully out of touch with the young libertarian voters he must rely on to be elected.

    I imagine and old fart like Rand Paul asking me how to change the ringtone on his phone, not relating to me on a personal level. Ditch the rug and embrace what you are, Rand: a crusty old conservative.


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