Friday, May 14, 2010

Nut Warning

I was in the 99¢ Only Store a few days ago, and they had a whole shelf of Planters Black Label nuts. I picked up two jars of Almond, Pecan & Cashew (no peanuts!) for yes, how did you guess, 99.99¢ (it's inflation). Nuts are expensive, so I jumped at the chance to get some so cheaply. I noticed the "best by" date on the jar said July, but I wasn't concerned about that. I just guessed that they were nearing the end of their shelf-life and so they ended up at the bargain store like so many other nearly expired products. I did briefly think about nuts going stale, but not wanting to be a nut or act nutty, I put the thought out of my mind.

I took my nuts to work, and at lunch, I opened the jar and tried them. they were fine, or as good as any nuts I've tasted recently. I liked the fact that there were no peanuts in the mix, especially since Planters built their reputation on their mostly-peanuts mixes.

Then a friend came up and I let her taste my nuts. She likes to suck on them first, and then eat them. She thought they were okay, but not the best nuts she's had. Still, she asked if she could have some more of my nuts later. I told her where she could get her own, since I don't normally share my stuff at work. She said she would check it out.

Later, maybe the next day, I went to Walmart late after work and happened to be thinking about getting me some more of those cheap nuts, and just after having that thought, I found an opened jar of Planters Black Label nuts in one of the aisles. Someone had taken them from the nut aisle and after trying them, left the unfinished jar a couple of aisles down. I walked away, think what an interesting coincidence it was to find those nuts like that after just thinking about them. A flash of inspiration almost made me want to rush home and contact DM for a new subject he could use in his spam:


how about I suck WHATEVER nuts I want, even my imaginary boy toy's- and you have nothing to say!

hey, atheists don't even believe in NUTS!!
they thought NUTS had no effect...WRONG!

see, I just want to make it clear to the rest of you:
atheists are unable to see that there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN NUTS & SCIENCE....

But instead I went looking, out of curiosity, for the aisle that the nuts had come from, to see at what price low-price Walmart was selling them. I found them, and the Walmart price was $5.78 for the exact same jar and variety (that is, the Almond, Pecan, Cashew mix). I then said to myself these Walmart nuts must have a much later expiration date, yeah, that's the ticket, but when I checked several jars, the dates were the same as my 99¢ Store jar! Was something nutty going on here or what?

Even worse, some of the other varieties of Black Label Planters were already past their "best by" date (one was April 2010), but they were not discounted at all, they were still at the full $5.78. So, this post is just a warning to be careful whose nuts you decide to eat. You might be able to get the same nuts at a much lower price somewhere else!

Now, according to this, certain varieties of the brand, such as chocolate, are only available at Walmart. Personally, I don't care much for chocolate nuts, but if they show up at the 99¢ Only Store, I'll probably toss them into my cart.

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