Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ron Paul in Iowa: Freedom is the Answer!

Recent changes in the Iowa Republican Party leadership could make it easier for Ron Paul there in 2012.

If you had mentioned Ron Paul’s name at a Republican state central committee meeting in 2007, the response you would receive in return would have not been flattering. Paul did participate in the Straw Poll, attended the Reagan Dinner, and met the criteria of the Fox News Debate that never came to fruition. Still, party insiders never embraced or really understood Paul’s campaign.

The make-up of the Republican State Central Committee changed dramatically at the last district conventions that were held on April 29th and May 1st. Of the 15 district representatives, only five were re-elected. Of the ten new faces, four of them are associated with the Campaign for Liberty, a group who shares many supporters with Ron Paul.

The block of four votes makes for an immensely powerful coalition inside the Iowa GOP. To put that in perspective, it takes nine votes to elect someone as chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. In addition to electing party leadership, the central committee is also heavily involved in organization of the Iowa Straw Poll and the caucuses.-The RPI Revolution?

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