Friday, May 14, 2010

Controversy Over Girls Doing Beyonce Dance

These guys are as bad as Fox News. "Uh, there are too many pervs out there, but we're gonna show the whole, extended dance routine anyway (not just a few seconds clip)". These are "liberals" there at TYT, and as we all know "liberals" usually complain when some fundamentalist nutjob goes insane over scantily clad females (or things like children being exposed to sexual materials in public schools), and yes, I know these are children in those skimpy clothes, but really, there is a lot of hypocrisy here, in more ways than one.

So, are these kids too young to be dancing in those outfits to that song? I imagine opinion across the political and religious/non-religious spectrum would generally say yes. I'd be interested in the comments of any non-pervs who think it's okay or not that bad.


  1. That made me uncomfortable.
    They're only 7 years old? I haven't even been exposed to skanky videos like Beyonce's videos until I was maybe 12 or 13 or so.

    I don't understand why these girls have to do sexually slutty dances instead of put their talent towards a real dance. Is this the only way people can become something nowadays?

  2. Thanks, Wallflower, I felt uncomfortable with it as well. I know if I had a young daughter, I would not allow her to perform like that in public.

  3. I have to wonder who approved this. I really don't care about the dancing itself or even the song (even though it's a terrible song), but the costumes? Who the hell said, "Oh, this is fine. These costumes are perfectly OK for 7 year olds."

  4. After I watched that, Chris Hansen walked into my room and said, "Why don't you take a seat over there?"

  5. Ginx, you win the award for best comment on this post!

  6. Song - inappropriate
    Skimpy outfits - inappropriate
    Gyrating like vegas hookers - inappropriate

    Even my 13 year old teen girl said that it was inappropriate, and even she was uncomfortable with this video.

    Research who runs the music and MSM industries and you will start to understand the connection with the porn industry.

    Sadly sex sells and works very well with the ignorant sheeple.

  7. "Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV"-John Lennon, Working Class Hero

  8. "I'd be interested in the comments of any non-pervs who think it's okay or not that bad."
    I'm sorry, I can't oblige. I think we used to be able to laugh at young girls behaving as though they were much older. But that video wasn't funny.

  9. *sigh*

    Okay, first of all, this is the most played music videos of 2008/2009, so the song itself is old news and practically musical canon at this point. It's also one of the more parodied videos of the past couple years. It's gained "Baby Got Back" status as being too popular to hold it back for content reasons.

    Regarding the outfits, I wouldn't be surprised if they are typical for those kind of dance routines. Girls have been emulating the dress of loose women since Madonna in the 80s, and that's just going back as far as I am personally able to attest. What would you prefer they wear, some sort of school uniform? Talk about fetish...

    Finally, all dance is sexual. Show me one dance that isn't essentially a metaphor for sex. Gyrating hips are a problem in dancing? Really? What is this, the 1950s? Maybe they should dance like the Irish, with their arms nailed to their sides, blank expressions on their faces, and their legs doing all the work... wait... that's how Irish people have sex!

  10. *sigh*

    Ginx, all good points, but the point you didn't address is they are only 7 years old. It doesn't bother me to the same degree as it does some of the others who commented, but like I said, if it was my daughter...

    Also, regarding your earlier comment about Chris Hansen, your point was he that he is a sicko who gets his jollies from watching men have their lives destroyed on camera while they beg him for mercy, right?

    What would you prefer they wear, some sort of school uniform?

    Way to tell it to those TYT liberals, Ginx!

    And another award for best comment as well! You're on a roll!

  11. Oh, and Ginx, I assume you're a non-perv, so thanks for "obliging".

    Now I just need a comment from someone who thinks just having thoughts (without acting on them) doesn't make you a "perv".

  12. Oh, I'm a total perv. The worst part of the video is that I can now relate to Muhammed: 7 year olds can be sexy. Maybe women should have to dress up like ninjas so I won't be tempted to stare at them...

  13. Oh, and if it was an infant, you would all be laughing and saying how cute it is.

  14. Yes, Ginx, I think you now owe an apology to The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

  15. Oh, I'm a total perv.

    I can relate to that. Thank God thoughts aren't crimes (yet). Not that I have any perv type thoughts, mind you, because I wouldn't want to be in trouble with the law when admitting to having such thoughts becomes a crime (we're almost there now).

    Which oddly enough brings me to Chris Hansen again. In not one of the cases presented on his perverted show was there an actual victim, and if there is no victim, there is no crime, and that makes Chris Hansen quite evil, and the only real criminal (aside from the cops) on those To Catch a Predator segments.

  16. you would all be laughing and saying how cute it is.

    I think those 7 year old girls performing to Beyonce were very cute, but I just don't think they should have been dancing quite so sexily in those very tiny outfits, that's all.

  17. I think that toddler has a "come-hither" look in her eye... plus she's topless.

    The crime most of those guys are accused of is still probably a legitimate crime. Disseminating pornography to minors is probably not worthy of jailtime, but it's probably still worthy of being a crime.

    Honestly, I have only limited sympathy for the men caught after I read the transcripts. I would rather my kid be dancing on stage in tassled underwear than talking to any of those guys online. I think the issue has plenty of room for debate, but I have trouble blaming Chris Hansen for any sort of wrong doing.

    If anything, the best outcome was the bastard who killed himself. The more pedophiles who follow suit, the better. It's easiest when they "self-regulate," so to speak.

  18. Ginx, you miss the point again (you're very good at it). They were not sending anything to minors, because the person they were talking to was NOT a minor, but an adult posing as a child.

    If you want that behavior to be a crime, then make the cops do the hard police work of catching them doing it, not sending them to jail where there was no victim. Again, in any of those cases profiled on Hansen's show, can you name even one minor who was victimized?

    Now, maybe they go back and find other instances of these guys talking to actual minors online, but that would be the crime (if it went to whatever stage something illegal has taken place) not going to a house where there is no victim and Chris Hansen is there to greet them.

    And sorry, but Hansen is a sick scumbag.

  19. Can we arrest them when they're ice-berging (you know, "just the tip")? How far does their penis have to be inside the minor before we can arrest them? You aren't talking about a victimless crime, you're talking about creating victims.

    If someone offers a person posing as a hitman $1000 dollars to kill someone, that is still a crime, whether the "hitman" had any intent to actually follow through. I'm willing to debate the issue, but let me ask you this: would you be content if the men lured by fake minors simply had warrants issued against them to search for past infractions?

  20. The difference between the "hit man" scenario and this is that in the first case there is a real victim, the intended target of the murder plot.

    Again, a basic principle of justice is being violated in these cases, in that there is no actual victim in most of the examples from the NBC Dateline shows.

    would you be content if the men lured by fake minors simply had warrants issued against them to search for past infractions?

    Since I'm an anarchist, the obvious answer is no. I'm against any "warrants" being issued by the criminal gang called the State.

  21. And that's why anarchic areas are breeding grounds for disgusting criminal activity, like eating children.

  22. Oh, and more importantly: in an anarchy, no one gets warrants, they just break into your home, since anarchy does not include any regulations on those who wield power. The only restriction in an anarchy is what you can get away with.

  23. Ginx, your hilarious straw man arguments against anarchy never cease to amaze me.

  24. Honestly, who bothers to even get a warrant in an anarchy? How is it not mob justice?


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