Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood, Libertarian

Ginx recently asked the question Robin Hood: Libertarian or Socialist?.

It now looks as if we have an answer (at least when it comes to Hollywood):

WaPo panned the movie [the new Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe version] because it was unegalitarian, and showed Robin returning stolen (tax) money to the victims, not redistributing from rich to poor. This is also the message of the 1938 Robin, and the wonderful full-length Disney cartoon, which may be the most libertarian of all, and which I highly recommend for children and grandchildren (of all ages).-Robbin’ Hood

From the Washington Post review of the new movie:

Dark and polemic, Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" is less about a band of merry men than a whole country of really angry ones. At times, it feels like a political attack ad paid for by the tea party movement, circa 1199. Set in an England that has been bankrupted by years of war in the Middle East -- in this case, the Crusades -- it's the story of a people who are being taxed to death by a corrupt government, under an upstart ruler who's running the country into the ground.-Movie review: 'Robin Hood' stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett

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