Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why a Stateless Society is More Free

The term “voluntarist” is often used by anti-statists, and this is a poor label because “voluntarism” only exists within the context of some property norm. For example, if some guy walked into a grassy area and took a nap, and then someone tried to force him off, getting off would hardly be voluntary from the point of view of the man taking the nap.

That the grassy area was “someone’s lawn” may mean something to the people in the town, but it’s just an assertion to the man who only sees grass. And so there is no such thing as pure voluntarism. This is often used as an argument against the idea that anti-statists are free from prescribing violence, which “we” are not.


In terms of land ownership and use, land is now free for homesteading - you don’t need to buy unused land from the state, if it’s there you can start building.

But more importantly, there will be fewer enforced laws and more variety of law. Because just because 70% of the population wants you to pay for free 12 years of schooling, doesn’t mean they’re ready to pick up their shotguns and pistols and get you to pay. The only law that will exist in a stateless society will be law that people are willing to go to war over: which are typically violent acts and grand theft.

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  1. It's not a mob, they're "volunteers." Those aren't pitchforks, they're the "sharp oint of justice."

    There is no oversight in anarchy, which is worse than bad oversight in a poorly kept democracy, and far worse than what has been demonstrated as possible in several other systems.

    The laws "enforced" in anarchy are few? Try looking at stateless regions. They are wrought with violence and fighting between religious groups, killing and great numbers in the name of fairy tales. This is what deeply matters to fools who are heavily armed.

    Your thought experiment of an anarchic utopia is far more laughable than anything dreamed by the hippies who ran off to form communes. Sorry, I wish it weren't.


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