Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Turning Point in American Politics?

Gary North seems to think so.

On Saturday, May 8, an extraordinary event took place. United States Senator Bob Bennett, a 3-term Republican, failed to make the cut for his party's primary. Not only was he not nominated to run, he did not make the cut to get nominated. He was a distant third. Two Tea Party candidates beat him.

Bob Bennett is a legacy Senator. His father served as Senator before him.

This was an insurrection.

Bennett had turned squishy years ago. He had an undeserved reputation as a conservative. He backed the TARP bailout in 2008. Then he backed Obama's health insurance bill. That did it. "No mas!" The folks back home sent him a message: "You're out of here!"

Then, three days later, across the country, it happened again. Congressman Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, was smashed in the Democratic Party's primary, 56% to 44%. He had held that seat for 14 terms – almost 28 years. He had supported Obama's health care bill. He was one of the Stupak Seven. When Stupak folded, Mollohan folded. That ended his political career.

This is a bipartisan insurrection. It indicates that the voters have finally had enough. It may represent a turning point in American politics

A Political Insurrection Has Begun

Of course the rat traitor scumbag Bennett doesn't regret his pro-state, pro-bankster, pro-corporate vote:

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  1. You get back to me when they actually get to the hill and we see their voting record. The right has been playing this game since I was born, trying to convince us they're the party of fiscal responsibility, small government, blah blah blah...

    The Tea Party throwing its hat into the ring is not my idea of a turning point in American politics. The Tea Party is less a political movement and more a bowel movement being shat right into America's face... an ideological Hot Carl, if you will.


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