Friday, May 14, 2010

The Benefits of a Free South

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again)


  1. Yeah, nothing would economically help the North like whooping the south's ass once more. Maybe this time we can kill all the malcontents who bitch and moan about being part of a country they're free to pack up and leave at any time.

  2. Oh, Ginx, not the love it or leave it routine again. I expect much better from you!

    Disappointed doesn't begin to describe my reaction to this comment.

    about being part of a country they're free to pack up and leave at any time.

    They tried to leave in 1861.

  3. It's not "love it or leave it," it more like "put up or shut up." I don't care if someone wants to secede, but they should do it or quit bitching. Moreoever, no one is holding them here. They aren't behind some Iron Curtain, unable to escape.

    If they don't like being part of the US, they ought to either pick up their stuff and leave or try to secede. If they just have problems with the way America is run, I suggest making their grievances known and electing people who represent them.

    If they try to secede, expect a violent response in the same order as you would react if your kid took off with your car and said they aren't coming home... but are keeping the car. You can't expect to take something from someone and have them just let you abscond with it. The south is part of the US, and trying to "secede" is little more than claiming to have conquered the land, and the US is fully within its rights to reconquer it.


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