Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul's horrid performance on Maddow

Rand Paul's recent appearance on Maddow has created quite a controversy. He did terrible in the interview and repeatedly tried to avoid taking a stance.

Here's how I would have responded if I was in his shoes:

"Well, let me ask you a question Rachel. Should it be illegal for someone to discriminate based on race when it comes to dating? Or who one wishes to have conversations with? Or who one chooses to allow into his own home? If not, why should it be illegal when it comes to operating a business?

I think racism is stupid, but you know what? Part of freedom is allowing other people to do stupid things. I think doing drugs is stupid but believe government has no role in trying to outlaw them. I think prostitution and gambling are unwise but think people have a right to do both. I think the Catholic Church is utterly insane but believe they have a right to wreck people’s lives by teaching them twaddle. [Ok, that last sentence was just me. -Cork]

Likewise, I think it's stupid to be a racist. But should it be illegal? Of course not, because being a jerk simply isn't a crime. It may be morally reprehensible. So is cheating on your wife, but no sane person supports a law against that. By demanding that your own moral thinking be legislated into law, you guys on the left are no better than the neanderthals of the religious right. Let's not forget that it was your cherished government--not the market--that enforced and upheld the notorious Jim Crow laws.

So yes, I believe people have a right to be racist and will not apologize for it. In a free society, that is your absolute right. But where are all these supposed racist business owners? Are they the ones hiring illegal immigrants by the truckload and outsourcing our work to 'minority' nations*? Let’s face it: money ultimately trumps race in the marketplace.

Next question."

* I'm actually not against either of these things, but I'm pretending to be Rand Paul.


  1. Wow, you almost make racism seem noble. Almost...

  2. "I think racism is stupid, but you know what? "

    That's probably a lie. A good deal of libertarians are racists who use libertarianism as a cover.

  3. Ginx,

    Not noble, but not a crime.


    Do you think racist thoughts/speech should be illegal? If so you're a totalitarian despite your supposed claim to the moral high ground.

  4. "Do you think racist thoughts/speech should be illegal?"

    No I don't. But nice try.

  5. Cork, just so you know, I know you aren't racist. I also don't think "racism" is a crime, but racist business practices can be a crime. What if the best private schools refuse to admit minorities? What if a hospital turns away someone who is in need of immediate medical care because of their religious beliefs? There are some cases where discrimination is criminal, in my eyes. Perhaps you disagree on those examples.

    I want to believe people "self-regulate." Believe me, I wish more people did. The fact that we put "Don't use this product in a shower" on hair-driers is proof that we have some stupid people with little intelligence and even less forethought.

    It would be nice if we lived in a society where businesses would recognize the profits they are missing out on by discriminating, but if such a society exists... this isn't it. Our blend of rampant ignorance, tolerance for things that don't directly affect us, and the aloof nature of business hierarchy prevents natural progress in the private sector when it comes to social norms. There is not input from the bottom in business; it stops at the customer. The true bottom are those who cannot acquire a product.

  6. Ron would have been way more effective. He would have discredited Maddow, and made you think logicaly. Ron has a way of truning traps to his own advantage and Rand has to learn from it. The great thing about Ron is he knows exactly what to say, and when to say it, he's unbeatable. Hopefully Rand will learn.


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