Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DM, Deep Cover Atheist?

Dennis Markuze, aka David Mabus, who currently posts most often under the Blogger profile DM (though he uses others) is a prolific spammer of copy-pasted crap that he slightly modifies periodically and leaves mostly at atheist (but also other) blogs and forums.

Ginx of Anything But Theist posted about him (Comment Moderation) and he responded with nothing but more of his incomprehensible lunacy.

But what if there is a method to his madness? What if I look at him through Bill Gnade's eyes? (see here for an example of Bill's logic). Could it be that DM is a fake? Not a theist at all but a raving atheist with a double purpose, to make theists look like loons while also providing pro-atheist links in his spam at the same time? Ingenious you say?

Mathew Miller makes the case by examining some recent DM rants:

...DM is not the psychologically damaged, mentally challenged psychopath he pretends to be, but is expressing an actual hatred of religion by actively mocking it. Not even a psychologically crazed moron could think any of his posts are actually convincing people or even defending his positions. What they are doing however is making people with religious beliefs look like clinically retarded idiots incapable of coherent thought. DM's rants embody everything the most hostile atheists decry about religion. He embodies the anger, resentment and violent undercurrent that lead to atrocities like the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

In my opinion, Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus is too perfect a parody of religion to be anything but an act.

Dennis Markuze aka David Mabus Babbles Again


  1. There was a time I would have disagreed, but not since the "BOOBQUAKE" series of spams. There are sometimes lulls in his postings, so it's also possible a real DM exists and a fake DM took over at some point. It's all complicated by the fact that the guy has no blog of his own and he was changing names for a while a few weeks back.

  2. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/forfeit


    you are not going to tell me what I believe...

    we're going to play a NEW GAME...





    you are going to learn even to TALK about GOD the way you do is going to cost you your lives...

    the writing on the wall...

    f*ck you very much!

    THE BOOBQUAKE - 911!

    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION - THAT OF LIBERATION - not just merely harmless expression...



  3. You're finally on topic DM, sort of.

  4. That DM is a clown, regardless.

  5. Just goes to show: a broken clock is still right twice a day, sort of.


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