Sunday, May 9, 2010

A dumb criticism of the tea parties

I've been as critical as anyone on the hypocrisy of the tea parties when it comes to war, wiretapping, etc. But a more recent allegation of hypocrisy is that many of the tea partiers are on Medicare and Social Security. They've been brutally taxed their entire lives for those programs and it would be insane not to use them when needed. The leftist position boils down to saying that you should never reclaim a penny of your own wealth after being forced to give up so much of it over the course of your life.

"A ha! I mugged you at gunpoint your whole life, and now that you try to get some of it back, you're a hypocrite!"

It's a ridiculous criticism, almost as asinine as claiming the tea partiers are "racist." Really guys? That's all you've got?


  1. How can you not laugh at signs saying, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!"

  2. I will say however, that with programs like Social Security, they're not getting back what they were taxed. They are getting the money of the younger generation. Those of us who are still working. And that isn't right, either.

    It comes down to a matter of principle, I think- either they believe government programs are wrong or they believe government programs are right. If they believe government programs are wrong, wasteful, and thieving, then they shouldn't use them. Period. They should have planned ahead, just like they tell the liberals to do all the time.

    Also, in response to Ginx- haha, I know. That's hilarious. ^.^ Of course, the one sign I saw that completely cracked me up was one that said-
    "Obama has more czars than the Soviet Union."
    Haha. Makes me laugh every time.

    ((For the record- I'm not too hot on the Tea Parties anymore, and I'm a Libertarian. ^.^ ))


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