Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Rid Of Atheism

Should atheists embrace deism? I don't think so, not if truth is important and you believe the issue isn't just particular religions but the whole idea of a supernatural creator (for any creator to qualify for the position of God, it would have to be supernatural, otherwise it's just a very powerful alien or natural-in-origin being).

But the point the video is making is that a lot of time is wasted in debating and talking to Christians or advocates of other religions (Islam) because they keep going back to basic theistic arguments such as versions of the cosmological and design arguments, which at best prove a generic creator but really no more than some first cause, which could be natural or non-personal, not a god with all the attributes of classical theism.

How many debates between an Atheist and a Christian have you seen where the Christian never deals much with specific arguments for his own particular faith, but focuses on those generic arguments instead? William Lane Craig does usually throw in the resurrection of Jesus as an argument for God's existence in his debates with atheists, but it's really secondary to his main points.

There was a short period where I considered myself a philosophical theist (which is kind of like being a Christian or Muslim but without the doctrinal and theological baggage), and at that time I would get frustrated with Christians who just assumed that by providing arguments (whether they were good arguments or not is beside the point) for "God" they had made a case for Christianity. I once challenged an evangelical apologist on a Christian radio show on that very issue, and he replied that any God with the basic attributes of a creator was the Christian God and that only the Christian God could have those attributes. He was arguing in circles, of course, and quoting from the Bible the whole time, as if once we'd established that there was a God, that was the end of the matter, and that my generic God was the Holy Trinity!

Deism: A Revolution in Religion - A Revolution in You

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  1. I'm an agnostic pagan if there is such a thing and proud of it. I believe that something started the human race but not necessarily a "god". Perhaps it was god like only because it descended (literally) from another place onto this planet and it was awe inspiring. I don't know but what I do know is more problems on this planet have been created at the hands and minds of "religion".
    But do you want to know what fascinates me and makes so much more sense then believing in the existence of "god"... check out this program on the history channel Now that is something to think about...
    Only my little, itty bitty 2 cents worth :)


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