Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gary Null vs. Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal

A controversial alternative health guru is suing after a taste of his own medicine nearly killed him.

Gary Null - described on as "one of the nation's leading promoters of dubious treatment for serious disease" - claims the manufacturer of Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal overloaded the supplements with Vitamin D.

The buff "Joy of Juicing" author, whose products include Red Stuff Powder and Gary Null's Heavenly Hair Cleaner, claims he suffered kidney damage and was left bloodied and in intense pain from two daily servings of the supplement.

Gary Null suit vs. supplement manufacturer claims Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal nearly killed him


  1. And to think, people want to deregulate medication. I would never, ever take herbal supplements. Being "All Natural" doesn't mean jack squat. Hemlock is 100% natural.

  2. Medication from prescription drugs kill more than 200,000 people per year.

    This was a mistake by the manufacturer. Fat soluble vitamins store in tissue.

  3. I am sorry you wouldn't ever ever take herbal supplements. Being "All Natural" means the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world.

    The crucial thing is, before getting onto the band wagon, one must first believe that one's natural state as created by the universe is and must be first and foremost healthy and in homeostasis.

    Second, one must be curious enough, passionate enough about the topic of health, to want to read, read, read, from both integrative medicine experts and alternative health experts, and only start acting when one feels ready enough because one is informed. You will find many possibilities, sometimes contradictory, but when educated and informed enough, your intuition will start kicking in as to what's best for you.

    First and foremost, before doing any herbs or alternative medicine, one must make a committed pact with oneself, to eat at least 70% to 80% fresh fruits and vegetables to begin with,organic if possible, purchasing either in health food stores or in local fresh farmers' markets, going on 99%, with wholesome grains, organic if possible, and cold pressed extra virgin organic oils only.

    One must get new recipes from great cook books at health food stores such as Mother's and / or Wholefoods or Erewhon, etc., do juicing, possibly go raw after trying a vegan diet first.

    This is a conscious, life supporting, amazing lifestyle, where your own body intelligence will start to inform you as to what it needs and is best for you at a particular time. Only then will you understand the power of herbal supplements, the purity and closest to nature processing possible, the raw processing of these elements, the lack of damaging excipients, etc.

    Reread Misty's statement above. It explains it very clearly. But you can't make the blanket statement you made above without proper information and reflection.

    Sorry, and thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to you.

    I hope you come upon the miraculous potential of alternative medicine some day, but only please, after you've radically changed your life style as noted above.

  4. I could change my diet and my lifestyle to a healthier one.....and take a placebo, and I'd feel better. I like how in order for "herbs" to work, you have to do all this other stuff. I've never heard: well, for tylenol to ease your headache, first you have to eat different, exercise, etc etc....


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