Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the Name of Atheism?

via Debunking Christianity


  1. I'm pretty sure Hitler was Christian...

    But it's not like there's a shortage of atheist despots. Mao was worse than all three.

  2. Hitler, whether he was a "Christian" or not, was not necessarily an atheist either. Even if it can be shown that he hated Christianity (and there is evidence for that view) that doesn't make him an atheist, only perhaps an anti-Christian theist of some sort. But it simply isn't clear what his actual beliefs were. He put on a public show of religiosity, but that seems mainly for political purposes.

    If you mean by "Christian" just being a member of the Church then I guess he was, but regardless of what he said or did publicly, his actual private views and attitudes toward the Christian religion specifically, and supernatural beliefs in general, remain somewhat ambiguous.

  3. I dunno... Mein Kampf is full of Christian references. He wrote that while in prison, and sure it was clearly a piece of political propaganda, but it was still his autobiography. Even some lady who worked with him recently came forward to talk about her experience working for Hitler, and one of the things she explicitly said was that Hitler encouraged her to attend church.

  4. Yeah, if Hitler did all those horrible things, he must be an atheist. Forget about the occult, or, I don't know, reading what he wrote himself.

    Good video.

  5. This is the best impression of a believer I've ever seen from an atheist.

    How many irony points does this thread get for literally devolving into a debate which the original post mocked?


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