Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Is Blogging?

Was there a time, in the stone age of blogging, when blogging was more personal in a without fear sort of way? Was that "real" blogging? What is blogging? Sure there are still an uncountable number of very personal blogs, but do people hold back from revealing many of the details of their lives out of concern that they may reveal too much, that some things are just too personal? That saying what is really on their mind may get them in trouble with their boss (wouldn't a world without bosses be nice?) or even cause them to lose their job? That it's just too risky (for many reasons) to put too much of yourself online?

Was it more exciting to read the online diaries of strangers back in some golden age of personal blogging? For myself, I find that a little of that sort of thing goes a long way, unless it is very well written and of interest in more than a simple voyeuristic way.

Are the best blogs ones where there are strong opinions and a real living personality that comes through in the words that express those views?

What are some of your favorite blogs and why do you like them so much?

What does it mean to blog today?

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  1. So many reasons...

    - exposure to different points of view
    - uncensored news coverage
    - (takes a deep breath) ability to exchange ideas between otherwise isolated people in a forum that encourages active participation and criticism
    - funny videos and links
    - ability to call people you disagree with names that get the comment deleted (at least you know they read it)

    I don't think blogging has peaked, and it seems even more focused (though less robust) now that twitter has swallowed most of the "Today I went to the mall and had a mocha" bloggers.

  2. Two Scottish political bloggers were outed to the MSM by some unknown hacker this month. One had used a sweary word in reference to a politician and worked at a University. The MSM journos harassed the man at home and his employers at work until he resigned his position and closed his blog. The other worked for a politician as a constituency office manager. He blogged in his own time and wrote unflatteringly of the opposition. He was forced to resign and delete his blog.

    An elderly lady who blogged on Scottish politics had her identity and address revealed and was threatened with legal action. And yet her blog was moderate and polite in the extreme. She closed her blog for a week until she felt it safe to return.

    Myself and another Scottish blogger have been threatened with exposure and consequent loss of employment. The blogosphere in Scotland has
    become toxic. Folks can't express opinions freely anymore. It's dangerous.


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