Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guns: Tools of Freedom

And some commentary from Alex Jones (and he also plays the above video, by the way):


  1. You know, if we adopted their Socialized system government, we would have a lower crime rate. The reason they have less crime has nothing to do with guns (as neighboring nations have comparable rates of crime, without the guns). When the poor do not have to turn to violent crime in desperation, they don't. Middle-class people with jobs and healthcare don't tend to go on killing sprees.

  2. Just seems arbitrary... "The Swiss have a lot of chocolate, that's why they have no crime. The US also has a lot of chocolate, but we seem to have a lot of crime. Maybe we need more chocolate!"

    That's not really how it works. Clearly Swiss chocolate is not the reason for their success, nor are our problems rooted in our chocolate, so banning chocolate isn't the way to go (since clearly the Swiss handle their chocolate just fine). Instead, if you look at their society, it's structured very differently.

  3. I'm not sure what to make of this argument. In parts of the Middle-East, if memory doesn't fail, there's essentially zero crime rates. Dunno what their gun laws are but I know eye for an eye prevails there. You kill someone you die. No fair trial stuff. You steal, you lose a hand.

    Then again, Canada is socialized and we have elevated violent crime rates - specifically, assault and rape.

    Jones' plea seems naive to me!


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