Friday, December 18, 2009

An amazing list of global warming resources

Tokyo Tom--one of the only other libertarians (besides myself and Tom Knapp) who accepts AGW has compiled an amazing list of resources here. The first six links are a devastating refutation of nearly all the major "skeptic" talking points.

He also criticizes mainsteam libertarians here, here, here and here (among many other posts on his blog)


  1. You guys should get a special climate-themed banned, like "Skeptical Eye of the Hurricane" type shit.

    Can't wait for Copenhagen to be finished so this can blow over. I bet some of your readers have already forgotten why Obama is evil.

  2. Cork, glad you liked some of my stuff:

    Did you see this more recent post on a productive libertarian approach to climate chage?

    Or my Avatar-related posts?

    Nice to run across you.



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