Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being a hockey fan sucks

I love hockey. It has all the aggressiveness of football, only it moves at a rapid pace without stopping the clock every two seconds. And it's more exciting and entertaining to me than basketball.

But being a hockey fan in the US pretty much sucks. While it's a popular sport in Canada, Sweden, etc. US television coverage of it is relatively scant. None of my friends watch or care about it, making it easy to miss the games. Plus, physically going to the games always ends up being a rip-off every time I do it (baseball games in contrast are always cheap and easy to get into).

Hockey rocks, but it's hard to say the same of being a fan. Maybe I should get a new favorite sport?

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  1. I once went through a brief period of extreme sports interest. Once I got hooked on the NFL and baseball I was soon watching everything sports related, including just about all the sports broadcasts.

    I started watching basketball too and still consider it more exciting than other professional sports (the unfortunate Los Angeles Clippers became my favorite team). I was under the impression that to love one sport you had to at least like all the others, so I even watched hockey, and not just the NHL, but local minor league hockey (though unless you went to the games, you could only follow it on the radio, and I did!).

    I can't say I'm a big hockey fan today, but I agree with you that there should be more opportunities to watch it, and on "free" TV too!


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