Monday, December 14, 2009

Whiny conservative loser explains why he "left the libertarian ranks"

Too funny. Almost as good as his previous ramblings.

Had to post it for comic relief.


  1. I know Lew Rockwell will be interested to know that he and everyone at is a "leftist" and that they all hate "this damn Country".

    This idiot is just another "conservative" and intellectually dishonest fool who conflates country with government.

  2. There must be some chip in our brains that doesn't turn on until we get old. You know, that point when people on your facebook stop posting drunken party pictures and start posting wedding photos and a thousand unnecessary images of their children. [Wow... you did that together, huh? I'm sure the tail will fall off after a few weeks...]

    At that point, all socialists become Democrats and all libertarians become Republicans. And they finally start voting.

    I'm 26... I hear it happens at 27. It got Kurt Cobain!

  3. I could never be a Republican. I hate the military and religious right too badly. I also believe in that whole pesky "torture is wrong" idea.

  4. But Cork, it's not torture because they aren't people, they're "enemy combatants."

    You know what was torture? Watching John McCain, a victim of torture, reverse his stance on waterboarding order to get nominated. I lost a little faith in humanity that day.

  5. I was recently talking politics with a Republican buddy and got him to admit he would vote for Hitler, so long as he was running against Stalin (because Hitler killed less people). Better than not voting or voting for a third party that "won't win," right?

    Now *that* made me lose faith in humanity :(

  6. Do I smell a Republican ticket of Hitler/Palin for 2012?

  7. Hmmm,

    Greetings, Skeptical Eye.

    Search for problems hard enough and ye shall surely find, and smear crap on the glasses and the whole world stinks, eh?

    Just kidding.

    Well I don't know the full monty here. I'm a conservative Christian and not a libertarian but tend to be looser and more libertarian on a host of issues. So, not speaking for others but striking while the proverbial iron is hot at the moment on this topic, let me know what you think of this allegedly devastating precis against libertarian/conservative economics by a one Steve Kangas.

    Libertarians might hit some of the juicey "pro-science" pro-drug legalization, anti-Creationist findings from Mr. Kangas and do some arm pumps--HUUAA!

    But this short-lived moment in the bask will turn to frowny faces when Kangas get around to talking about why, say, Robert Ringer and Murray Rothbard didn't know economics from jumping beans and why a purist libertarian or even just radical conservative government (pared down) economics would lead to privation and desperation among lower-rung workers, etc.

    Or why socialism is morally superior. OOOOHH. Try that one, eh?

    Perfect site you have here to field that fly ball to the outfield.

    Lots of stuff. But should be interesting.

    And remember, I'm a friendly witness to these proceedings. Not the real bad guy. Even if the Lancet study WAS taken apart sentence by sentence by true researchers like Mike Fumento regarding those rather odd claims you have posted here about over a million Iraqi deaths due the war.

    Most unlikely. The closer count, while horrific, is about 80,000. Though I must say we killed 250,000 German civilians alone and actually DID, thanks to Curtis LeMay, kill over a million Japanese in the efforts to have North America not speak German or Japanese.

    It's the choice of which bad to be saddled with on the conscience.

    Life is like that sometimes...

    But in any case:

    The collected works of the late Mr. Kangas

  8. PS--interesting site here.

    I am SOOO considering following your movements throughout the blogosphere. In fact I know I will. Who the hell am I kidding?

    Perhaps while trading occasional barbs we can trade other notions as well!

    Good show and Merry (belated, yeah) Christmas and Happy New Year!


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