Friday, December 4, 2009

Confronting the "Global Warming" Wackos

First up, enviro-kook Ed Begley, Jr., who lives an insane "green" lifestyle that, like all fascists with their pet theories, he wants to impose on the rest of us by using the most evil instrument possible, our vile enemy, the state.

Next, former wannabe President and Nobel Prize winning enviro-nutjob Al Gore, who, confronted with ClimateGate, stays silent in front of his admiring ass-kissers who wait patiently for him to sign their copies of his fruitcake "wisdom".

Oh, and Begley and Gore, LEAVE MY LIGHT BULBS ALONE! Yes, incandescent bulbs give off heat, and that really helps during Winter (I haven't got central heat), plus, they give off better light, and besides, WHAT LIGHT BULBS I CHOOSE TO USE IS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMNED BUSINESS!

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  1. Yeah, companies should be able to poison us all they want! Lets squabble over the temperature of coral reefs instead of pointing out the fact that environmentally induced health conditions are real.

    I could talk all day about why companies need to be regulated by the EPA without once mentioning global warming. You want to know the travesty? Under Bush, they paid all the salaries, but put people who didn't do their jobs. Now frogs are born with seven legs and for some "mysterious" reason, birth defects are incredibly common in the US. It's not vaccines, it's probably your water.


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