Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana

I've always thought, what with gambling now widespread due to the plague of Indian casinos, that Nevada needed something more than slot machines and legalized prostitution in a few select counties to continue to give most people a real reason to go there.

Someday, however, it will seem quaint to talk of "legalizing" something, for we'll be free, and won't need no stinkin' laws and no rotten majority approval to do what we damn well please.

video via Bluebeerriver

There's also an attempt in California to do the same thing:

California Marijuana Legalization Initiative Effort Underway

above image via NORML

And from NORML I find this Bizzaro World story of our insane government and its mentally ill black-robed tyrants: 8th Circuit Court rules industrial hemp is still marijuana

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