Friday, December 18, 2009

Some more comments on global warming--at Right-Thinking

In the comments to a post over global warming at Right-Thinking, Hal (the furthest thing from a leftist or 'Greenpeace' member) writes:

The problem is that they try this [persuading skeptics with facts and science] and the response is more sticking of fingers in ears and outright deception. Read here and here about the latest from the “skeptics”—a blatantly fraudelent analysis cited on numerous conservative blogs, who have yet to note that they were hornswoggled. This is a case here someone had the data and the tools and speciously claimed to find cooling. Look at the number of people who are still claiming that East Anglia faked data or destroyed “all” the data or whatever. And look at the death threats they’re now getting based on this ignorance and deception.

On the contrary, it is the skeptics who have their answer and refuse to be persuaded, who continue to insist that the temperature has not gone up, that CO2 magically fails to heat the Earth the way it will heat a greenhouse, that the complete disconnect between solar activity and temperature over the last 40 years means nothing, that the plateau of high temperature over a decade constitutes “cooling”. Right after I type this, someone will ignore all the evidence at hand and claim the sun is warming the Earth.

I don’t think they’ve acted rightly. But I can understand the bunker mentality....

...I think that conservatives and libertarians will come up with better and more cautious ways of solving global warming.

Let me put it this way. I certainly think that many people in the GOP and conservatism exaggerated the danger of terrorism and used it for their own political ends. We were told Saddam was 45 minutes away from using chemical weapons based on the word of God-damned taxi driver. And the Patriot Act was mostly powers law enforcement had been denied before 9/11 that had little to do with it.

This does not however mean the danger from terrorism is not real or that the Afghan or Iraq Wars were bad ideas. This just means that some people used a real crisis to advance their own agenda. (And to be fair, some on the Left used it to bash Bush as a monster.)

Same thing with the environment. Algore is a perfect example. He has always favored bigger government. Twenty years ago, he wanted government to run the economy because we couldn’t compete with Japan. Thirty years ago, Mr. Science wanted to ban genetic engineering (funny how that never gets mentioned these days). Greenpeace, without question, has been taken over by watermelon socialists (green on the outside, red on the inside). And the UN sees this as a way to increase their power.

Their sinister motives does not, however, mean the problem is not real. It means that we have to say to Algore, to the UN, to the liberals, to the socialists: “Fuck you. Take your socialism elsewhere. If we’re going to solve this problem, we need more freedom, more market forces, more innovation. We need to simplify the corporate tax so businesses can figure out energy solutions. We need to pour money into R&D;that is under the control of scientists and capitalists, not politicians.”

When anyone on the left proposes cutting ethanol bullshit, then I’ll know they’re serious.

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